Adrian Bowden's Travelling Science Shows

Established 1997

Travelling Science Ltd




Junior Shows - Key Stage 2

Sources of light, how it travels, how we see it, shadow formation and colour. The sound section looks at how vibrations make sound and whether it can travel through water, wood and metal.  Loudness and pitch are imaginatively demonstrated with surprising results!


Everything about electricity from static to power stations, with a particular focus on cells, bulbs, wires, circuits, conductors and insulators. Plus a look at the most shocking moments of electrical history!



Light & Sound

Suitable for Years

3, 4, 5 & 6

Fantastic Forces

Gravity, friction, air resistance, magnetism and upthrust are all packed into this show. If your pupils get

flabbergasted by forces then this is the show for them!


Marvellous Materials

Fun ways to demonstrate what makes something a solid, a liquid or a gas. Amazing mixtures are made and separated; reversible and irreversible changes are explored!


"Year 5 and 6 children experienced the most mind boggling science show!"


Year 6 pupil


Salesbury CE Primary,

Salesbury, Blackburn

"Wonderful experiments and demonstrations. Well planned and paced"


Key Stage 2 teacher


St Chads Primary

Uppermill, Oldham 


 "Thank you for the amazing show. I certainly know a lot more about electricity now!"


Year 5 pupil


Grove House Primary, Bradford

"Adrian is very enthusiastic and passes this on to the children. Good questioning and participation of audience"


Science Coordinator and Class Teacher


St Wilfrid's Primary

Ashton in Makerfield