Adrian Bowden's Travelling Science Shows

Established 1997

Travelling Science Ltd





Infant Shows - Key Stage 1

Material properties - hard, soft, strong, weak, waterproof and toughness are examined and tested in unusual ways. Material changes - cutting, twisting , folding, heating,cooling and mixing produce unexpected effects!

Pushes and pulls produce some astounding experiments. Forces are used to slow things down, speed things up and send things further than you can imagine!


What makes light? How are sounds made? Amazing changes in pitch, volume, colour, brightness, darkness and shadows. Plus we create our very own rainbow!

Materials for Infants


for Infants

Light & Sound for Infants

Suitable for Reception,

Year 1 and Year 2

 "The show was fantastic"


"Adrian's show is so enjoyable"


"The best bit was when he melted the plastic cups"


Year 2 pupils

Walverden Primary


"You know you have booked a good show when the children are oooh-ing and aaah-ing all the way through! Top class!"


Science Coordinator and Class Teacher


St Joseph's Primary

Shaw, Oldham

"Children are keen to volunteer and full of enthusiasm for science after the show. We are already looking forward to next year!"


Science Coordinator and Class Teacher


Brunshaw Primary



Working Scientifically for Infants

A show packed with Science Enquiry Skills - Predicting, Observing, Testing, Measuring, Classifying - using all of our senses in a wide range of experiments !

"Great use of Maths skills including graphs, tallys and measuring"


"Great value for money"


St Peter's Primary Farnworth, Bolton